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Ruby Bridges Elementary

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AUSD office

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Welcome Back to the 2015-2016 School Year

Back To School Registration for Returning Students


Back To School Registration is the process of updating important information such as your child’s emergency card, health information, and contact information.  Through this process you will be routed through online forms and asked to read important notifications and respond with your authorization.  To complete this process you will need the back to school registration letter that was mailed home on Friday, Aug. 7, to every single currently enrolled AUSD family outlining the instructions for completing the Back To School Registration Process and containing your unique confidential snapcode.  Completion of the Back To School Registration Process is mandatory for every student/family.


Back To School Registration 


After completing Back To School Registration please check back here often for other important Back to School information and dates.


The Star

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Boost! Leadership

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Family Letter

Dear New and Returning Ruby Bridges Families,


I sincerely hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and that you are looking forward to helping our staff make the 2015-16 the best ever for your child(ren). One of the first things all families must do before the school year begins is complete the district’s online enrollment registration that includes all your current contact information.  By the last week of July, you will receive a letter from our district office that explains the new online registration process. While the letter will include ways to get help with registration, please note that I am available to help you. I will be returning to work on Monday, August 17; you may call me at (510)748-4006 or send an email to cwilson@alameda.k12.ca.us if you need help with registration or if you need access to a computer.


What you must remember is that just like last year, you must come into the office to find out your child’s classroom assignment. You cannot obtain the name of your child’s teacher or room number until you have COMPLETED the ONLINE REGISTRATION.  See the list below which shows the dates and times you will be able to obtain this information.


Registering your child …
➢ You will need to have the letter from our district office that explains how to register online.
➢ You will need access to a computer and an email address. 
➢ You will be able to register after Monday, August 3
➢ If you DO NOT have access to a computer, you are welcome to come to our Media Center to complete the forms on the following dates and times:
Wednesday, August 12 and Thursday, August 13, 4:30 – 6:00PM
Wednesday, August 19 and Thursday, August 20, 4:30-6:30PM
**If you do not receive a letter that explains the registration information from our district office by August 6, please call (510)337-7000 and ask for Student Services.  


When can I obtain classroom assignment information …

Last name beginning: A – K

• Monday & Tuesday

August 24 - 25

• 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Last name beginning: L – Z

• Wednesday & Thursday

August 26 – 27

• 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Last name beginning: A – Z

• Friday

August 28

• 11:30AM – 5:30PM

Please note that we understand that this process may cause some confusion so please do not hesitate to get assistance by coming to our Media Center for help. Please carefully read the following pages about upcoming events, first week’s schedule, school hours, breakfast and lunch hours and cost, after school programs, and much more…


Cheryl Wilson, Principal


School Hours: First Weeks of School


♦ Kindergarteners will be on a modified schedule. This means they will be dismissed at 11:40AM beginning Monday, August 31 through Monday, September 14. This gives teachers time to get to know their students and place them into Groups A and B. Starting on Tuesday, September 15, Group A is dismissed at 1:45PM on Mondays and Tuesdays; Group B is dismissed at 1:45PMon Thursdays and Fridays. You will receive a letter with your child’s schedule. All kindergarten students will be dismissed at 12:45PM on Wednesdays.


♦ Grades 1-5 will also be on a modified schedule, this means they will be dismissed at  1:50PM beginning Monday, August 31 through Friday, September 4. Grades 1 - 5 will begin their regular schedule on Tuesday, September 8, 8:20AM to 2:50PM. All students in grades 1-5 will be dismissed at 1:20PM on Wednesdays.


Regular Schedule



Grade K

Grades 1-5

M, T, Th, F

8:20AM - 12:45 or 

1:45 (starting Sept. 15)

8:20AM – 2:50PM 

(starting Sept. 8)


8:20AM – 12:45PM

8:20AM – 1:20PM


IMPORTANT: Unless students are here for breakfast, which begins at 7:40AM, no student should arrive at school before 8:10AM because prior to 8:10 there is no supervision on the yardIf they finish breakfast or arrive earlier, they must wait quietly in the cafeteria until 8:10AM. For safety reasons, we will call the families of students who are on the yard before 8:10AM. 


First Day Line Up

Line Up: Students in Grade K should report to the Kindergarten Yard at 8:10AM or to the cafeteria for breakfast at 7:40AM. We always escort Kindergarteners from the cafeteria to the K Yard. 

Students in Grades 1-5 will line up at their room numbers by the outdoor stage. Teachers will hold signs up to help students find their lines. 



School Breakfast and Lunch


URGENT: Applications for free or reduced meals must be completed online so please print and return the application after completing your online Student Registration.  Please apply, even if you do not think you’ll qualify or you’re unsure if your child will use the program. Families who received free or reduced meals last year in AUSD will continue at their 2014-2015 level of payment until the end of September; they must file a new application before that time.




Serving Time

Cost (if not free meal)



7:45 to 8:10 a.m.

$1.50 (full price) • 30¢ (reduced)



10:50 (K) • 11:25 (1)  11:40 (2) • 11:10 (3)  

11:50 (4) • 12:00 (5)  

*$2.60 (full price) • 40¢ (reduced) 

Milk 60¢ (included with meals)

*increased this year by 10 cents.


Menus change each month and are listed every week in The Star. You can also go to www.alameda.k12.ca.us for the month’s menu and to p for meals in advance.

Ý  If you send food from home, label all boxes and bags with your child’s name and room number.

Ý  If your child forgets a lunch, you can deliver it to the school office and the child can pick up the lunch during the lunch period. Please do not bring the lunch to the classroom or the cafeteria.


IF YOU’RE DRIVING TO SCHOOL:  There are two drop-off areas for students ~ in the front of the school (Grade K only) and on Robert Louis Stevenson (Grades 1-5). If you walk your child to the yard, park in a visitor space. If you park your car, use the streets that are adjacent to the school. Please do not double -park, do not use staff parking spaces, and do not block our neighbors’ driveways.


SCHOOL SUPPLIESPlease send your child to school with a backpack every day, with her/his name on it. We will provide all other supplies that are necessary for school. Free backpacks are available in the school office for students who need them. 


PTA MEETINGThe PTA invites all families to attend our first PTA meeting on Tuesday, September 1, from 6:15 to 7:30PM in the cafeteria. Our principal and vice principal will be available to answer questions about the school and its program.


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHTYou will have an opportunity to meet our staff and visit your child’s classroom on Thursday, September 24, from 6:15 to 7:45PM. Please plan to attend this event so that we can all get to know one another. Child-care will be provided.


SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS: We always need adults to support teachers in classrooms and help with copying and distribution of materials and newsletters. We also need reading tutors who are willing to help students learn to read during the day. Send a note to your child’s teacher, the PTA, or Ms. Glenda Machrus, our Office Manager if you would like to volunteer. We also need room parents/guardians to work with teachers on special events and other activities.


NOTE: All volunteers and employees need to have a current TB test and a background check and fingerprint scan offered by the Alameda Police Department and one of the UPS offices. TB Tests are available for $20 on Mondays and Tuesdays, on a drop-in basis, from 9:00AM to 2:30PM at AAI Health Services, 1002 Central Avenue. Phone is 521-6078

Help Your Children Become Ruby Bridges STARS!




❖ Help your children adjust to the school schedule after the long summer break. Before school starts, have them wake up earlier and earlier until they’re up at the right time to get to school! Be sure they eat a good breakfast or arrive at school in time for breakfast.



❖ Students should arrive on time (8:20AM) and stay all day. The best time to arrive is 8:10AM. Late students miss out on the most important part of the day. Do your best to schedule medical and other appointments after school hours. A good time to schedule appointments is Wednesday when students are dismissed at 12:45 (Gr. K) or 1:20 (Gr. 1-5).



❖ Check your children’s backpacks every day for notes home. Help keep the backpacks organized. Check for clothing that may have been left at school. Please, please write your children’s name on their backpacks and on all sweaters, coats, jackets, and hats so that can returned if misplaced or left on the yard.



❖ Make a time for your child to do homework. If there is no homework, encourage your child to read or read with them. Reading together is a bonding experience in families. 



❖ Let your children’s teachers know about any concerns you may have.  We want to hear from you!  Call 510-748-4006 or send a note or an email to school.



❖ Come to special events at our school. We provide childcare and translators for all meetings. 



❖ Be a model for your child on how to resolve conflicts peacefully, dress appropriately, and use respectful language.



❖ Encourage your children to do their personal best at all times.


❖ Read The Star and look for announcements every Thursday for the latest information about your school. 



LEAPS Academic Enrichment Program The program begins on August 31 for first through fifth grade students only. Kindergarten students begin the program September 14. The program ends on the last day of school. The program runs from dismissal until 6PM daily for Grades K-5. It provides homework assistance, activities that support the state’s curriculum standards in reading and math, a choice of recreation activities (e.g., dance, sports, art, technology, and science, and a nutritious snack.

Attendance and good behavior are mandatory. You will lose your space in the program if your child has frequent absences. Applications will be available in the school office starting Monday, August 17 at 9AM. Space is limited to 220 students. There is a fee for this program: $450 for the year per student, parents/guardians who have more than 3 students may apply for a discount. For more information, contact site coordinator Helena Ortiz at (510) 672-0651.







Recreation Afterschool Program (Grades 1-5) is offered by the Alameda Parks and Recreation Department in the Bayport Park building at the corner of our play yard. RAP hours are from 2:50 to 5:30 p.m. on school days. Daily activities include snacks, Homework Club and games, cooking, and sports.

You can register for two, three or five days per week, for fall, winter and/or spring sessions. Weekly charges are approximately $23 per week for 2 days; $32 per week for 3 days; or $49 per week for 5 days. Partial scholarships up to 25% off are available through the Parks Department. For more information, go to the website at http://www.cityofalamedaca.gov and click on “recreation” and then “use.” (510) 747-7554. Full scholarships are available with funds from Bananas at (510) 658-7353. There are free drop-in programs between 3 and 5, Monday through Friday.





Woodstock Child Development Center provides before and after school care and homework support for students up to age 11, with priority for kindergartners. WCDC is in session throughout the calendar year, from 7AM to 5:45PM. WCDC is only closed during the last week of December and all federal holiday.

It is open during minimum days, staff development days, Spring Break and summer vacation. To enroll, visit the WCDC Office at 500 Pacific Avenue at corner of Lincoln Avenue and Fifth Street, For more information, call (510) 748-4001 and ask for Sandra Ramos. Full fee spaces are available at this time (Waiting list for low income). Registration is on-going.



NOTE: The Alameda Boys & Girls Club offers drop-in programs for all of its members for Grades 1-5. A Club staff member meets our students at the flagpole to walk them to the club. Contact them at: 900 3rd St, Alameda, (510) 522-4900.




The Star is our newsletter. Every Thursday, the newsletter or complete list of upcoming activities is sent home. The newsletter contains the lunch menu, and news about our school our students. Please ask your child for your copy of The Star. You can also complete the form below to join our email distribution list. 






Phone Dialer calls are made to every household on Fridays at 7PM to preview events for the coming week. If you do not receive a call on Friday, please check with Brandi Castillo at the front desk to give her a phone number that will accept messages. We also send reminders for Special Events, usually 24 hours before they occur. In a school-wide emergency, Phone Dialer messages will be sent immediately to you. 


Teachers’ phone extensions are the number 5 plus their room numbers (e.g, Room 308 = 5308)

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The Star 6/4/15

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About Our School

Our beautiful new school opened in 2006 with Ruby Bridges, herself, coming to our dedication in October. We celebrate our diversity, value educational achievement and take pride in being the future. In addition to a fabulous staff, we have an active hardworking PTA and three afterschool programs. We have a variety of intervention and enrichment programs to help meet the needs of every student, a garden program and afterschool enrichment classes. Our students can learn the responsibilities of peer leadership by being Junior Coaches, Peacemakers and members of the student council. When you come visit our  school you will see active learners and enthusiastic teachers.

The Star

ART A-LA-MODE AND SILENT AUCTION WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU BE HERE TONIGHT!!! With the support of their colleagues in the other grades, our spectacular and hard working team of kindergarten teachers have put in numerous hours to create an artistic display of student artwork and a range of items to be auctioned this evening. All of the funds from this event will be used to purchase more art supplies and materials for all of our children. This is one way to help children develop creative skills that are not always apparent when learning to read, write, or do mathematics. So come and enjoy the display, eat some ice cream and take a chance to bid on a tour at the St. George Distillery, Pizza for a Year!!!, a Rudy Bridges Commemorative Basket, and much, much more! We are looking forward to seeing you tonight as you support our school and as always, your child. The 180 days of school is coming a close…there are FOUR MORE MAJOR EVENTS that you don’t want to miss… 1. Awards Assemblies, June 1, June 2, June 4 & June 5: The final Awards Assemblies will be held next week. Please make a note of the date and time for each grade level: Fifth grade is Mon., June 1st, at 9:40AM. First grade is at 8:30AM and the kindergarten is at 10:15AM on Tues., June 2nd. The third grade is at 8:30AM and the fourth grade is at 9:30AM on Thurs., June 4t; and the second grade assembly is at 9:35AM on Fri., June 5th. 2. Field Day, Monday, June 8: Thanks to all of you who have already signed up to help set up, run a station, or cleanup for this event which will begin with set up at 8:30AM and end with clean-up which starts around 2:15PM. More volunteers are welcome so please contact our PTA representatives if you would like to participate: Nicole Lemmerman at nicolelemmerman@yahoo.com or Amy Hopper at amykayhopper@gmail.com. 3. Kindergarten Celebration, Tues, June 9 This very special celebration is going to be held in our Multipurpose Room at 9:00AM so don’t be late. As always, our kindergarten students will warm and thrill your hearts with their end of the year performance. This event includes light refreshments immediately following the performance in the Multipurpose Room. 4. Fifth Grade Promotion, Thurs., June 11 Around 9:00AM our fifth grade students will enter the Multipurpose Room for their last performance and Award Ceremony at our school. Fifth grade parents and guardians will receive more information about this event; however, all families are welcome to attend. SCENE from the LEAPS SPRING SHOWCASE 

         7:40 cafeteria opens
         8:10 classes line up
         8:20 class attendance is taken
8/31  PTA Welcome 8:20am
8/31-9/14 Kindergarten dismissal     
8/31-9/4 Grades 1-5 dismissal     
9/01   PTA Meeting 6:15-7:30pm
9/04  1st Spirit Day-
         Favorite Color Day
         (Spirit days are assigned to
         the first Friday of the month)
9/07   LABOR DAY - no school
         6:30-8:00 Multipurpose Room
9/16  Ruby Bridges T-Shirts go on sale
        CASH ONLY
        flyers will be sent home and will
        also be available in the office
9/24  Back to School night 6:15-7:45pm
9/29 School Site Coumcil Meeting
          (SSC) 4:15pm Media Center

Working and Learning


Peacemakers and Junior Coaches





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