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Arleen O. Luna

Arleen O. Luna

Arleen Luna

Health Office Assistant

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. I've been working for the District since 1992. 


Please go to the Health Office's page for some information and where you will find AUSD's Medical Forms. These forms can be used at all AUSD Schools. Please don't hesitate to contact me, Arleen O. Luna, if you have questions. Thanks and have a wonderful day!!


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Medication(s) at School


If your child requires medication while at school, we will need several items.


If your child requires either an Asthma Inhaler or an Epi Pen, we have a change in the forms needed.

- if your child has asthma, we will need only the Asthma Action Plan (AAP).

- if your child has a food allergy, we will need only a Food Allergy Action Plan (FAAP).

both of these forms can be found in the Medical Forms.


The Permit to Give Medication at School form, which can also be found in the Medical Forms is for any other medication that needs to be given to a student either on a recurring basis, or on occasion.  This must be filled out completely, and signed by your doctor.  It will be valid one year from the date written by your child's physician.  Only one form for each medication is allowed. 


Additional Information:

* Any change in medication requires a new form.  


All Medication

* All medications, must come with their original container, and must include the prescription number.  The medication cannot be expired.  If the medication expires in the middle of the school year, you must replace the medication to allow us to continue to support your child.

If your physician completes a Permit and the medication is Over the Counter, (OTC), such as Benadryl, for example, we will need the form filled out completely, with the physicians signature, and again, the item cannot be expired.  


If your child is allowed by your doctor to carry their medications:

You must bring the medication and forms to the office. Please make sure the doctor CHECKS OFF that they are allowed to carry with them.


The student must carry the forms with the medication at all times they have it within their possession.


Please call the office at 510-748-4006 x06752, or contact Arleen Luna,  if you have any questions.


If your child will be taking medications for a short term (2 weeks or less), (such as an antibiotic), please have the doctor fill out any note/letter from their office. Make sure your child's name, name of medication, dosage, time, and how long your child will be on the medication.




This is mandatory! Please make sure your child has seen a Dentist during their Kindergarten year. This is due for ALL KINDERGARTEN before May 24, 2019. If a form is needed, please see the attachment below. Sign the Waiver on the bottom sheet, if you do not consent on having your child see a dentist and return to the Office. Thank you!


Please make sure your child has ALL their Immunizations updated before the starting of school and avoid being excluded from school.


If you're not sure, please do not hesitant to contact the Health Office Assistant by phone 510-748-4006 x06752 or email at